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About the Principals


Designing Systems for Internet Commerce
Serissa Reseach is a consulting and research firm specializing in security, technology strategy and architecture, and high performance computing, with a particular emphasis on application architecture for security and privacy. Principals Lawrence Stewart and Win Treese have a combined 45 years of experience in designing and developing secure network-based applications.

Security Practice

We have extensive experience in designing and engineering secure internet applications for e-business and information distribution.

As an example, our security diagnostic evaluation of existing or planned application software provides a number of benefits:

  • Architectural validation
  • Alignment of design, implementation, and documentation: Was the design fully implemented? Do white papers and documentation accurately reflect the implementation?
  • Identification of areas in which the security design and implementation do not reflect best practices.
  • Independent assessment of the application security architecture
  • Our evaluation methodology includes:

  • Overall application architecture and security management
  • Design and implementation of the user interface (with respect to potential abuses of the interface)
  • Access control management, implementation, and administration
  • Data storage design
  • Potential sources of fraud and defenses against them
  • Preparation for eventual audit by banking and other customers
  • Internal development processes to ensure current and future integrity of the application
  • Methods of assuring the integrity of deployed systems
  • Operational security requirements for deployed systems
  • Our experience is that in addition to its technical merit, our application security evaluation can improve sales cycles by providing an independent view of the application security design.

    Technology Practice

    We work with executive and technology teams at a broad range of clients, from startups to established companies, to evaluate, understand, and manage the rapid pace of technology change for Internet applications. Some of our past experience has included developing and revising technology strategy, evaluating new technology and its potential effects, identifying technology partners, and evaluating technology strengths and weaknesses for investments, mergers, and acquisitions.

    We work with technology teams to develop the core systems architecture for new products and services. We believe that laying a strong architectural foundation at the beginning makes it possible for systems to grow and adapt over time, to accommodate changes in both technology and user requirements. This foundation is also the key to developing a system that is usable, fast, secure, and reliable.

    Our areas of expertise include:

  • Internet applications and protocols
  • Enterprise software architecture
  • Middleware
  • Multimedia applications
  • Operating systems
  • Security
  • Payment systems
  • High Performance Computing Practice

    We work with technology teams to solve problems in high performance computing. Our past experience has included implementation of Lustre high performance file systems, and design and implementation of high performance communications in large scale machines.

    Our areas of expertise include:

  • HPC Operating Systems
  • Communications infrastructure
  • For more information:
    +1 508 314 4359 (voice)